"Roll On takes us as readers out of our familiar world and into that of the long-haul truck driver. Fred Afflerbach, himself once a long-haul driver, brings Ubi and his changing world alive in a way that will touch your heart—and make you hope he finds happiness at the end of his picaresque journey. This novel stands out as new and fresh among many nostalgic reflections of life as it once was."

Judy Alter
Owen Wister Award for Lifetime Achievement in Western Writing and Former Director TCU Press

Fred Afflerbach's 
Debut Novel


"What would happen to a tumbleweed that was planted in fertile soil, watered, staked and pampered?"

"I give it a week."


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"Some of Afflerbach's most effective language echoes the omniscient voice John Steinbeck uses in the "intercalary" chapters of the "Grapes of Wrath."

"Roll On is cleanly told and well-written and the only novel with which I am familiar that tells a serious story of truck driving. . ."

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Fred Afflerbach

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